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    Takavach Guest

    Question ps3 keys 3.60 help?

    hi to all.

    i have searching for the 3.60 keys into firmware 3.60 ps3 but it's need so much time and i need help for faster search, because that i want to know where was the keys for 3.55 and older version into the firmware ? anyone know that ?

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    Apr 2005


    Some related threads are below which may help if you sift through them and also the latest ps3keys GIT dump (only contains up to 3.56 though).


    PS3Keys GIT Dump: http://www.zshare.net/download/89058636c27c864e/

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    Takavach Guest
    Thanks boss i saw that but they just was said it's a part of data section of elf file and i have many elf files for see.. it's not my problem i have started with core os and search for new keys and i will hope i find that into this file soon.

    if i can find it for the first time i will public it for other guys here and then we can play all 3.60 games.

    thanks for you help.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Hi Takavach.

    It seems you need APP-keys for 3.60 (the ones you need to sign applications). As for today, nobody except Mathielulh (or how is he spelled) hasn't done it, and he's not going to give them away for sure.

    So, wait for team0verflow to find them (but marcan's recent tweets say that he has no time for PS3 stuff), or graf or karakotos to find and "leak" them.

    Although it's risky considering geohot scandal.

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    daveribz Guest
    We will never be able to encrypt stuff with the new keys. Sony finally fixed their elliptic curve DSA fail. In other words, they're using a random [k] value this time, which makes calculating back the private key [s] by comparing two keys [s] and [s'] unfeasible.

    To quote:
    It is crucial to select different k for different signatures, otherwise the equation in step 4 ([Calculate s = k − 1(z + rdA)(mod n).]) can be solved for dA, the private key: Given two signatures (r,s) and (r,s'), employing the same unknown k for different known messages m and m', an attacker can calculate z and z', and since s − s' = k − 1(z − z') (all operations in this paragraph are done modulo n) the attacker can find k = {z-z'}/{s-s'}. Since s = k − 1(z + rdA), the attacker can now calculate the private key dA = {s k - z}/{r}.
    So, unless you can get your hands on a cluster of supercomputers, then we can't get those keys.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    and here I was pretty sure we only needed the public keys to decrypt 3.60 eboots.

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    daveribz Guest
    The only thing you'll get are the public keys used for decrypting. As of now, you can still encrypt ELFs with 3.56 keys to make them genuine SELFs. But on firmware 3.60+, I believe, there's a whitelist bundled full of SELF NPDRM hashes.

    When you run something, the hash is looked up in this list. If the hash is not found, even if it's a signed executable, it is not runned. But like you said, we only need 3.60 public keys to decrypt and repack them as a 3.55 and lower executable.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Oh, my bad, yeah, I forgot that they fixed... lol... gotta work less... You're completely right. So now we can only hope to get public keysm which are in PS3's ram and repack.

    And yeah, daveribz, Mathielulh confirmed that on 3.60 there is a whitelist of hashes, true.

    Edit: Oh, and after re-reading Takavach's post I finally got it. Seems like he wants to 'get' or 'extract' 3.60 keys from some elf file.

    My friend, it's like an overkill to you. 3.60 private keys are NOT stored in elf data in some adress like 0x00FE37433 (this address is random), so you can look at that offset and find the keys and volia! This key has ONLY Sony (but because of a fail at the random number generating, we were able to mathematicaly (!) calculate (!!) it. So, stop looking at elfs with hex-editor, you won't find keys there.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    My understanding of it is the public keys are stored in the firmware/gameOS somewhere, inside apploader or some other process I'd have to check some docks to give a proper guess where. As without the public keys, which can only be used to decrypt encrypted code, the PS3 would be unable to run the encrypted code. The private keys on the other hand, which are used to encrypt code in the first place, are not stored in the PS3 anywhere.

    With the 3.60 public keys we could decrypt 3.60 eboots and then use the 3.55 private keys to re-encrypt them as 3.55 encrypted code.

    The main thing is the 2 types of keys, public and private, are different but mathematically linked. It's this relationship that Sony screwed up in the first place by not using a random value as part of that link. Which meant after gathering a few public keys it was pretty simple (relatively, lol) to generate the private ones but this has now been fixed. Though the public keys are in there somewhere and will have to be for all future key changes too using this system.

    Feel free to correct me though, I find it that confusing I don't really know anymore

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    elser1 Guest
    i have a ps3 on fw 3.60, if you live near me and know what your doing you can destroy it if needed to get at any information needed..

    would these be in the 3.60 pup file somewhere?

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