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    NebachadnezzaR Guest

    PS3 JB weird black screen/freeze?

    I have a 40GB fat PS3, 3.41, and just recently got a jailbreak device (ps3key, to be specific). I already played a lot with no problems whatsoever. Today, when I boot it up, for some reason it beeped twice and reset the settings, just like when you press the power button for too long, although I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case since I immediately let it go to press reset in order to boot in JB mode.

    After the usual screen to confirm the screen settings I tried to load up the backup manager as usual but it just showed a black screen and the console stopped responding (although I could still turn it off with the power button at the front, it took a lot of time to finally shutdown).

    After that I tried booting up without the jailbreak, starting a retail demo I had installed a long time ago and to no avail, still the black screen. Finally I tried to play an original game and even a dvd movie, and it didn't recognize either, although I could hear the drive spinning.

    Can someone help me? What pisses me off is that I didn't do anything, yesterday after I was finished playin I turned it off as usual and today it's like this. Can I fix it if I format the drive or something?

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    sykoNsc Guest
    it's possible your hdd got corrupt and is causing this, more possible is that your bluray died, if you have another bluray try swappin them out and make sure you swap over the original controller board from old drive to new drive and see what happens.

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    datto666 Guest
    I agree the blu-ray drive looks like the problem. I also had this problem until i swapped over the controller board to a blu-ray drive that is held together with tape (non working i.e laser) but good enough for jailbreak.

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