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Thread: PS3 JB manager question?

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    fm2xm Guest

    PS3 JB manager question?

    I'm interested in experimenting with the various managers that are available.

    Given that, what are my options in regards to the following:

    1) Can more than one manager be installed on the PS3 ?

    1a) If so, what is the best way to manage loaded games on internal/external HD so either/both managers can launch them successfully ?

    1a) If not, then what is the process of removing one manager cleanly so a different one can be installed ?

    I'm running open manager V1.17.1 right now but would like to know of my available options.

    Thank you

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    OGroteKoning Guest
    1) Yes
    1a) Probably in /dev_hdd0/GAMEZ folder but you must use managers that can acces that folder (I know multiMAN and GAIA does)

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    Krisdog Guest
    When uninstalling your current manager, press triangle to view its information. Make sure you are in the MB, and not the GB. If everything looks okay you can remove without game loss. If for some reason it says xxxgb, stay away until all games are moved from int. to ext.

    To do this you would have to run more that one manager (answers aone of your Q). OPM 1.7 does not have the option to move game files back and forth from int. and ext. and visa versa. I have tried them all, with every jailbreak device imaginable.
    OPM 2.1D, has to be D (GAMEZ FOLDER)

    Gaia, but not 1.03, chose the one below it. ( FT?? SOMETHING FOLDER)
    Multimanager v10 w/ covers (GAMES FOLDER)

    Run OPM 2.1d and multimanager v10... 90 percent backup rate

    GOOD LUCK, hope this helps. If I deserve it please don't hesitate to +rep me, THX

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    ShroomRaza Guest
    External = root dir GAMEZ
    Internal = dev_hdd0/GAME/LAUN12345/GAMEZ

    If you set your directories up like this and install your managers via thumb drive the managers will always install to dev_hdd0/GAME and will be no where near your internal game directories and you can install and uninstall all you want.

    Set the LAUN12345/GAMEZ up via FTP before you install the managers and it will ask you if you want to use this folder, at least all the new managers do if it's already there. If you install your managers first the manager may ask to set up a different folder which may be problematic when using more than 1 manager. At least the older versions of Gaia wanted to use OPMAN12345 or something like that.

    Having more than 1 manager installed is a good way to go since not all games run the same under all managers. The same holds true for payloads; what runs great with one may not even start with another.

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    fm2xm Guest
    Thank you all for the great feedback and knowledge share. A round of +1rep for all the feedback

    I recently upgraded my internal drive to 640Gb, and really plan to use the internal drive for the most part. In addition, my focus is mainly on the racing style games (cars, motorcycles, etc). Having multiple managers would certainly allow the most playable flexibility, along with various payloads. At present, I'm using the Hermes V4b with PSN and 3.50spoof. So far, all the games are working fine with Open Manager V1.17.1

    Thank you again.

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