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Thread: Ps3 Jailbroken Console help?

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    joekrow Guest

    Ps3 Jailbroken Console help?

    I have a Jailbroken console.. It was downgraded before jailbreaking because I update pass the jailbroken firmware but it factory firmware is 3.40 I know if you restore when on official update it still has the lastest firmware on which you were before restoring but now I am asking if I restore to factory default as I am on CFW.

    will it still be Jailbroken or it will return to an official firmware where I have to downgrade again please help. because I really want to format my hard-drive. and Second if someone would be willing to help me know where your game updates are saved when you use multiman in updating your games.

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    if you return to factory settings you will lose your cfw but not sure if it will return you back to 3.40 or update you too 4.31 were if you were put on 4.31 i think the only way then to downgrade is to get a flasher and i think the game updates are found in the game data icon on the xmb just delete from there hope this helps

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    If you return to Factory settings , the PS3 will at least require the FW last installed e.g. (3.55 was installed OFW/CFW (properly with QA Flag), it will ask for 3.55). Factory settings are mostly useless !!

    To really format a PS3 HDD totally you need to connect it to PC and do the format. All PS3 options only format parts of the HDD !!! And the Factory settings are mostly useless anyway. Why do you want to do all that where is your problem ?

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    joekrow Guest
    I just want to get everything started again I played Fifa FUT first I got stacked on the way and lost all my coins and my players were out of contract so deleted and started again just to complete my first 12 task in task manager but they never gave me my gold pack so I want to start everything all over delete all trophies.

    I was actually thinking of being able to copy the updated game files so I dont need to download them again

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    SpeciaLFx Guest
    Crash Bandicoot... can i get a wuh wah

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