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    xcrx Guest

    Confused PS3 Jailbreaking question help?

    I recently got a ps3 with a YLOD from a friend. I got it running last night and now I am ready to jailbreak it. I have been doing some reading this afternoon on your forum and a few other places but I am a little confused as to what I need to get started.

    From what I understand I need a special USB dongle to get the ps3 into debug mode so I can roll back the firmware and install homebrew apps. Is this correct? if so which one do I need? I found the E3 reader and the BlackCatUSB but I am not sure what the advantages are of one over the other. The E3 is a lot cheaper from what I found so I would rather go that route if it works.

    Also once I do the initial patching do I need to use the USB dongle everytime I want to install a new homebrew app or is it like the Wii (initial install gets a homebrew channel and all apps are available there just by placing them on the media)?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    It depends on what firmware the ps3 is on now. anything above 3.55 and your stuck (being there are no user friendly ways to do it) post the firmware version you are on and you will get more info.

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    xcrx Guest
    Okay cool. I can do that. I am at work right now but I will check it when I get home. If I am above 3.55 I assume it still can be done, it is just more difficult?

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    TheShroomster Guest
    It can be done but it involves some serious soldering skills and additional hardware (infectus, or some of the chips being developed currently) Search the site news here. I cant strongly enough advise you to READ READ READ before trying anything, keep in mind this is a PS3 its not anything like hacking a WII. Sony did this system up with security in mind. The more knowledge you get from this site on how things work the easier it will become in the future when new exploits are discovered and a easy way of knowing if your PS3 is hackable currently is... Can you get on PSN and play online? if so your on 3.66

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    severusx Guest
    Also, to add, if you are on 3.55 or lower, you don't need any hardware. Simply install a CFW like 3.55 Kmeaw and it will enable all the features (and more) that the dongles did. Check the tutorial section for instructions on how to do this.

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    xcrx Guest
    Okay all that is good to hear. I literally haven't done anything on the PS3 except turn it on after I re-flowed it. I will keep my fingers crossed and check it out tonight.

    I am not surprised that hacking the ps3 is harder that the Wii. The Wii was ridiculously easy to hack.

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