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    fldash Guest

    PS3 Jailbreaking Help?

    I have a 40GB PS3, and I just downloaded the pdfMod recovery ROM for my EVO. I flashed it, and have it in the PSFreedom menu and selected 3.41 as that is what version my PS3 is on... It's connected to my PS3 via a USB cord on either port (I've tried both)..

    I turned it off on the back switch, turn it on, hit power quickly then eject. I get the 'beep' 'beep' 'beep' of the eject button that it does when no disk is in the drive. Is that right?

    System boots up but I have no extra options in my Games XMB menu...

    I've been trying for 15 minutes to get it to work...

    I finally got it to work...

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    cSharpShooter Guest
    flip the switch off, then insert usb, switch on and so on... was that your fix?

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