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Thread: PS3 jailbreak usb stick or regular usb stick help?

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    richpia Guest

    PS3 jailbreak usb stick or regular usb stick help?

    I have a ps3 v4.10 out of the box. Is there a jailbreak stick for this ps3? I also read about using a regular USB stick if so is there any place to retrive this software other than buying survey to obtain a password.

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    snos2 Guest
    sorry there is no jailbreak after 3.55.

    unless you get a downgrade service, ebay ?

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    Liongooder Guest
    If its a PS3 slim,then yes you can use a flasher to downgrade to 3.55 CFW, after that you can install any CFW including Rogero, Rebug, REX and E3...etc.

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    richpia Guest
    I recheck my system and it has V 4.21 with CECH-3001a model. Is this a slim?

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    Liongooder Guest
    PS3 slim NA,3001a i heard that no PS3 can be downgraded lower than it's factory firmware, but i've heard that they can be downgraded,this was on the news in Q4 2012, so you better search it, and even if there is a guide you better make sure its genuine.

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    Itheunknown Guest
    Yes CECH-3001A is the PS3 Slim + 160GB HD... but to my knowledge, CECH-3001A/B cannot be downgraded beyond 3.60.

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