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    sddracula Guest

    ps3 jailbreak usage help

    i got the blackcat usb working with my ps3 but i am wondering a few things. do i need to do a hard power off, each time i want to use backupmanager or any other homebrew app? for example if i installed an app and it is in the xmb menu and i switch off the ps3. if i power it back on without unplugging it the jailbreak will not work? does the device need to be plugged in all time in order to load .pkgs?

    also when powering on the ps3 with the blackcat in it, no other usb devices must be connected?

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    General Plot Guest
    It needs to be plugged in before any power is in the system (if you unplug it, you'll want to do a full power cycle again). Once the PS3 has booted into XMB, you can unplug it and dev mode will stay active until you turn your PS3 off again.

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