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Thread: PS3 Jailbreak questions help?

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    shodz Guest

    PS3 Jailbreak questions help?

    hi, i'm really a newbie with ps3 jailbreakin but i know about geohots jb and kakarots cfw.. i own ps3 slim originally was on 3.41 upgraded to 3.55.

    my question is i wanna jailbreak, can i do it with a normal flash drive also have ipod etc?

    should i be on 3.55 or downgrade to 3.41 and which is better to play backup and use psn, the 3.55 geohot supports modded eboots but is it safe online someone please guide me, overall i want to jailbreak safely n not get banned.

    i'm sure majority of users are asking all these question?

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    wilpac05 Guest
    as of now if you want back-ups then you need to downgrade which means you'll need a jb device to do. only time will tell if they get back-ups to work with cfw 3.55.

    as to being safe using jb on psn, don't think anyone knows for sure but I think they probably issue new firmware for psn access. so the cat and mouse begins again.

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    shodz Guest
    jb device such as an iphone 3g or classic ipod would that work i want to downgrade to 3.41, people are using geogots jb 3.55 playing back ups via eboot and online on psn but has anyone got banned or is it safe...

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