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Thread: PS3 jailbreak question help?

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    devon3603 Guest

    PS3 jailbreak question help?

    I did everything to jailbreak my ps3. But how do I know if it actually worked? Plz help out..

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    bitsbubba Guest
    do you see install packages in your game menu?

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    devon3603 Guest
    No I haven't.. wat should I download. An how do I download packages?

    Actually yes I do see install package file in my game menu. Were do I get packages from?

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    shield4life Guest
    You can run your game backups with some backup managers, get some emulating going on and have some ftp etc...

    Homebrew apps are limited as of of now but eventually will get a lot of them coming soon.

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    Mad Lion Guest
    Wel if you said you see Install Package Files icon under games then yes it worked.

    I suggest you to use multiMAN backup manager. It's the best.

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    devon3603 Guest
    Were do you find the multiman backup manager? I can't find it.

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    severusx Guest
    Use the Search tool. This forum is very well organized, just look around. Reading is not that hard.

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