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Thread: PS3 Jailbreak question?

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    plutomic Guest

    PS3 Jailbreak question?

    So, I just ordered a jailbreak along with a 1 terabyte external harddrive.

    Now.. When it arrives, do i have to get special homebrew software? or will i be able to back up games and play them immediately.
    Will i have to get a manager? or can i just use the software loaded on the jailbreak?

    I bought the official jailbreak, not a clone.

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    Krisdog Guest


    Your jailbreak will not come with a backup manager my friend. And that is what will allow you to start backing up games asap. I recommend Open manager v2.1 or and this new multimanager is pretty cool. All can be downloaded here. Homebrews will all be for you to download and add personally.

    Your "jailbreak" will just open your ps3 and allow you to perform the task you just inquired about, and what I've just mentioned. Don't be suprized if your Dongle "jailbreak" shows up in a box with 0 instructions or halfass ones if your lucky.

    But thats why we are all here!!!! Just ask and someone and we will help or point you in the right direction to the forum that will walk you through it. I RECOMMEND READING A COUPLE OF HOW TO FORUMS TO BETTER EDUCATE YOURSELF! Good luck

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