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    PS3 jailbreak problem help?

    Hello everybody!

    I need your help with something. See I bought a ps3 slim just a couple of months ago and last month I bought a game LA Noire and when I put it inside the ps3 for the first time it asked me I want to update the system on 3.70 in order to play the game. So I did. And when I wanted to play another game that I had on Ex-Disc... See I run the multiman and it reports an error.

    So if you ppl can help me about it, what to do or do I need to wait for an update 3.70 or what?
    PLEASE help me solve this problem.

    Thank you all very much!


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    Seems like you installed OFW 3.70. There is currently no CFW that you can install over OFW 3.70. You do have a couple of options though:

    1. Get another PS3 with OFW 3.55 or lower AND DO NOT INSTALL ANY OFW ON IT
    2. Try infectus (but you need a steady hand for soldering) and downgrade
    3. No more hacking

    You are kinda screwed mate, but perhaps someone else has a better solution.

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    Seems you doomed yourself and although is too late to say, you should have to search and investigate before doing that. I guess you need to buy original BR PS3 games.

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    You can look into the downgrade options (Infectus, Progskeet, e3 flasher) that will be your only route besides not using backups and homebrew or selling it and buying another on a lower firmware.

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    Yes the only way for you to play backups is buy a downgrade device. Almost all of them you need to solder. What you can do is to check the firmware on your ps3. And if it is 3.70 there is no hack right now for that and the only thing you can do is downgrade. The other thing you can do is buy another ps3 that is on 3.55 or lower. Check eBay or old stock at retailers.

    This is why when you are on cfw and it asks you to update YOU DON'T. There is a mod offering a downgrade service for the ps3 in the for sale section. Thanks and hope it helps.

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