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Thread: PS3 Jailbreak for OFW 4.30 help?

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    thegame123 Guest

    PS3 Jailbreak for OFW 4.30 help?

    Hi people, I have a PS3 (CECH-3008B) on OFW 4.30. I am given to believe from that only PS3s with OFW 3.55 and below can be jailbroken.

    However there are a few videos on youtube which claim that a certain PS3UPDATE.PUP file can jailbreak any PS3 with any OFW. I downloaded through the links provided by them. When opening the file I was asked for a password and then directed to one of these survey sites.

    So far I have downloaded and tried 2 such files but they do not work. When I go to system update and try updating through storage media, the console does not show any file on the device.

    Is there something I am missing here? Or is it simply a big scam? That thought had occurred to me but there were a large number of people who had commented that it worked for them. So I was hoping that one of the experts can confirm definitively whether there is a jailbreak available for OFW 4.30, or do I have to downgrade it to 3.55.


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    Liongooder Guest
    I hate to say it but your PS3 can't be jailbroken in the meantime.. also you can't downgrade it because it 3K series or 300X, only 250X & lower can be downgraded & jailbroken, as for those videos, youtube is full of them & every single video of them is a BIG SCAM.

    Have a good day.

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