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Thread: Ps3 jailbreak not detected by win 7 32bit help?

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    jifi10 Guest

    Ps3 jailbreak not detected by win 7 32bit help?

    I have the original Ps3 jailbreak, my win 7 does not detect the dongle, any ideas? Would like to update it for Hermes v4b.

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    EiKii Guest
    hmm, does the original jailbreak even support custom updates (ie psgroove etc) ?

    try searching the forum i really have no idea, and they have shut down their homepage it seems, probably out of work, hopefully now but most likely they didnt get the sales they needed (with their price they didn't need that many sales either lol)

    Hope you find any answer.

    Good Luck

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    jifi10 Guest
    After I checked the dongle i realized i have the fake one, similiar to original.

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    EiKii Guest
    hmm ok, well im sorry i have no experience with it, but i know some dongles can be "shorted" to be flashed with FLIP, try searching, google is your friend

    Good Luck

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