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Thread: ps3 jailbreak folklore & naruto storm 2 problems help?

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    341841 Guest

    ps3 jailbreak folklore & naruto storm 2 problems help?

    I have both folklore and Naruto Storm 2 on my HDD however the are both having problems.

    My EUR Folklore always goes to a black screen after you press new game and my Naruto Storm 2 freezes after you have selected your characters on the character select screen.

    Is there anyway to bypass this with some form of patch. If you have not noticed this prior, my knowledge on this is minimal.

    Over here in China though, everyone have a HHD with their games however with the language barrier its hard to come up with a feasible solution. Though for the record this site has worked wonders for me.

    Kind regards.

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    Natepig Guest
    I checked the games you mentioned on the compatability list, it seems that both these games need to be on the ps3's internal hdd to work. Folklore will work without an original disc, but naruto 2 needs a disc in the drive. i hope this is the solution to your problem, but if not post an update to this thread.

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    341841 Guest
    Imagine something so simple to be the solution lol. I managed to get Folklore working which I am happy about but Naruto Storm 2 is still having the same problem. And to add insult to injury, SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection EUR JB PS3 PEMA is now doing the same thing as to what Folklore did. I tried installing it to my PS3 HD and the problem continued. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    JedTanner Guest
    Make sure to check out the Games Compatibility List to find out if any of the games you mentioned require a PS3 game disc inserted and other related information to run the game properly. I think Naruto requires it. After launching the game from ps3 manager and it brings you back to XMB, insert any ps3 game disc and launch from the disc icon.

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    elser1 Guest
    i read segs collection will not work at all.. just freezes on black screen.. i can't get sega collection to work anyway.. i think it will not work until a solution is found like and update or patch.

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    JedTanner Guest
    Yep, the Sega Ultimate Collection still does not work at the moment. What I can suggest is to use the Genesis Plus emulator for now instead.

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    341841 Guest
    Thank you for the replies. I have gotten Folklore to work fine and I did what you both said about inserting an original disk to allow the game to work however it still freezes after you select your characters on free battle mode. I have completed the story mode without a problem its just this mode that doesn't work. Its the same with BlazBlue Continnuum shift. When you select tutorial mode it freezes!

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    Natepig Guest
    Its a shame that all the games don't work, but hopefully after a few months the compatability might approach 100%.

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    Jef Guest
    i have and played Naruto Ninja storm 2 (BLES-00952). copied it to the internal HDD of PS3 and load it using OpenBM 1.17.2 with any game disc inside. i already finished the game and encounter no problem.

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    Larache Guest
    Hello everybody,

    I'm quite a noob at this. I have a ps3 with the 3.55 JB from geohot. Furthermore i have the Openmanager, Multiman and Awesome Filemanager programs on it. I have Fifa 11 and NFS hotpursuit working fine!! I installed thes through Awesome Filemanager and installed the pkg files that came along with them

    My problem is now: I have Naruto Ninja Storm 2 on my intern HD and i dont have a pkg file for this. How can i load this game and wich program to use? Could you do this step by step please.

    Thank you

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