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Thread: PS3 jailbreak or downgrade 3.72 help?

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    destroyergx Guest

    PS3 jailbreak or downgrade 3.72 help?

    any updates on any jailbreak or downgrade for 3.72?

    heard about progskeet and e3 but i'm a total noob in soldering so any out the without solder?


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    Zentsuken Guest
    No downgrade, maybe in the future but at the moment there's no news on a downgrade via software only.

    You'll either need an E3 or ProgSkeet.

    If you have a SLIM PS3, I believe that a solderless ProgSkeet solution is just around the corner so you might wait for that.

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    racer0018 Guest
    The e3 is one you don't have to solder.

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