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Thread: Which PS3 Jailbreak devices are updateable?

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    Alibaba123 Guest

    Which PS3 Jailbreak devices are updateable?

    I know that some ship with the newer payload, but that doesnt mean they can be updated, just that they have the newer version copied onto them.

    My questions is, does anybody have a retail PS3 JB that is updatable? Or at least tell me which ones definitely arent.

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    Most retail PS3 JailBreak devices are updatable using their own software, which as you can guess, is often behind in features compared to what the scene offers.

    For a list of boards that will work with PSGroove see here:

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    costocart Guest
    buy 1 of the boards that has the programable ATMEL chip and use the compatible HEX file to flash. (follow the link from post #2)

    That way you dont have to depend on any vendor for the update.

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