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Thread: PS3 Jailbreak devices?

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    genius312 Guest

    PS3 Jailbreak devices?

    I'm searching for a deveice that I could use to jailbreak my PS3 !

    I modified my friend's Iphone 3g so that I could use backup game on my PS3 for the time being, but when a game fail to load and the PS reboot, I m screwed ! I also tried that Iphone with PSFreedom on a slim PS3 FW 3.41 ans it did't work !

    I ordered the blackcat board 3 weeks ago, and I m still waiting for it to be shipped !

    Now, I have read that if I want that AsbestOS, I need a programmable chip with more than 64K of programmable flash memory. as my Blackcat only has 16k, I don't feel like messing around and change the flash memory my self !

    So what should I order that has 64k and more ? 128k prefered for futur use like the teensy++, but their site says I will not have it before novembre, and if I order it now I will probably get it in 2 months!! (I will give the blackcat I ordered to my cousin).
    Something below 60$ shipped !

    Thank you very much!

    Martin L.

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    I recommend the TI-84. $38 with free shipping on ebay from a reputable seller! I've bought 5 of these from this very seller.

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    aamir007 Guest
    You are probably using the PSGroove version of the iPhone which doesn't allow you to play backup which is why it restarts when you try load a game. Try looking for one on this forum which allows you to play backups preferably one with added hermes support.

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    sika Guest
    Hiya, I have an Iphone 3g and I use the psfreedom iphodroid3g pc package which is automated all you do is hit shoot then install on device when instructed, anyway's it works flawlessly, in fact once the exploit has been booted I unplug the iphone and continue to use all my games (backups) and homebrew apps without a problem, its really great, it stays jailbroken until the machine turns off.

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    aamir007 Guest
    Bragging doesn't help at all. What would be helpful is if you uploaded it.

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    genius312 Guest
    I tried psfreedom-iphodroid3g-pc but didn't work on the Iophone I had ! Anyway, I installed PSFreedom and it works liek a charm !
    I can play backup game! But 2 games seams to bug and when I hit "quit game" the PS3 restart instead ! Well anyway, this is not my Iphone so let talk about the real question !!!

    The ti-84 is a good device I will never have problem upgrading ? And it has more the 64k of programmable flash memory ? That would be great !

    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    I recommend the TI-84. $38 with free shipping on ebay from a reputable seller! I've bought 5 of these from this very seller.
    Awsome !! Just waiting (from here) to know if it is a good thing to jailbreak the PS3 with that !
    Maybe some day as everyone will have there own little usb board with programmable memory, they will stock producing updates to this device ??

    Can I jailbreak everything with the ti-84+ ? I mean, I wasn't able to jailbreak the slim PS3 with the Iphone !

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    blueheart Guest
    The TI-84-Plus a good device (Good)

    i need to upgrade my TI-84-Plus to Hermes v2 PSGroove Payload how can i perform it?

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    genius312 Guest
    I just don't want to buy something that will be out of date some day and will n ot be updateed !! Or that cannot do everything from the jail break (play backup games, load Linux like AsbestOS, ect)

    Thank you very much for your help!

    Martin L.

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    I'm closing this now, as this section is not intended to be lengthy threads of "recommendations" on what to buy but short Question/Answer threads only.

    Research the countless threads in the Forums for people's experiences with different mods, but any more threads that have to do with "buying" need to go in the BST section.

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