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Thread: PS3 Jailbreak CECH2504A data code 1B help?

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    jasmapel Guest

    PS3 Jailbreak CECH2504A data code 1B help?

    Hi all.. i'm new at this forum..and i'm new at ps3 scene

    so here we go.. i got CECH2504A data code 1B with 4.41 OFW (min ver. ofw 3.56)

    what can i do to jailbreak with out flashers or soldering stuff ?

    tnx to all replays

    oh and its slim version

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    Shadowstitch Guest
    no you need a flasher so your out of luck

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    JeoWay Guest
    No jailbreaks 3.56+

    Requires flasher. If you decide to get a flasher, you're in luck. 3.56 can be hacked with a flasher but anything above has no soft mods or hardmods.

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