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Thread: PS3 Jailbreak for 60gig on 3.41 help?

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    If you want more options you could try Rebug 3.55 instead of Kmeaw's. Generally people go with one of those two.

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    306s16 Guest
    Hi guys, ok i updated to 3.55 Kmeaw and now none of my games work?

    I'v changed the eboots back to orig ones but when i select a game in MM it goes back to ps3 xmb and where the game should be (*/app_home/PS3_game/) theres nothing?

    Did i do something wrong?

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    severusx Guest
    Put a disc in the drive and launch the game from the disc icon.

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    306s16 Guest
    Nope, didn't work!

    do i need to run Lv2 patched, i've got MM 2.6?

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    rodq Guest
    Install BDEMU-355KM.pkg

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    306s16 Guest
    Still nothing?

    keep getting error 80028F14?

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    Ezio Guest
    Uninstall and install multiman, install bdemu2, too. After see if it works. Your problem is just strange.

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    306s16 Guest
    Is bdemu2 the same as BDEMU-355KM.pkg?

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    severusx Guest
    Either should work. BDEMU2 is for support of split game files on external drives. Are you getting a warning about reduced functionality when you start MM?

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    306s16 Guest
    Ok looks like that worked! My MM must have been fritzed!

    Many thanks for all the help lads, keep up the good work.


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