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    PS3 jailbreak 4.46 questions help?

    Hi guys, my first post here hopefully will get reply to my queries

    i have a fat ps3 with fw 4.6

    i have downloaded ps3 jailbreak 4.46, firstly it is pass protected, how do i got about it. secondly is their a noobs guide to jailbreak a ps3?

    kindly do let me know

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    CAUTION! You can not downgrade without a flasher. You will break your console.

    If you are on OFW 4.46 flasher IS required.

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    Aug 2007
    What is the model number of your ps3. This will tell me what flasher you will need for this. Thanks.

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    my model no is cech-2008a, also i have downloaded rogero's version of 4.46 cfw.

    kindly help me in the ways to go about it

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    You can use a teensy 2.0++, progskeet or an e3 to do the downgrades. Take a look at my for sale area for downgrade service and look at the pictures to see what it will look like for soldering.

    But you need to buy one of the following for a hardware flasher to do the downgrade. And then you will also need something to put the ps3 into service mode.

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