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    Jun 2013

    PS3 jailbreak 3.72 on old fat help?

    Hi Gurus,

    sorry i'm new here, i would appreciate if someone can tell me if it is possible to jailbreak 3.72 on the old fat ps console? and guide me through the steps and if that needs hardware flasher or not.


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    Oct 2006
    A ps3 that is on ofw 3.56 or higher cannot be downgraded without a hardware flasher

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    Dec 2010
    you need to tell us what is your console model number? it begins with CECH- lethers and you can find it on back side of ps3

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    Jun 2013
    Since it is a Phat PS3, all Phat PS3s can be jailbroken but require 3.55.

    You will need a hardware flasher to downgrade.

    P.S - If you want to downgrade as low as possible, use MinVerChk.PUP to see how far you can go. You can only downgrade as far as the base firmware is (the firmware the ps3 came with when it was made)

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