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    brendanj9554 Guest

    Question PS3 Jaicrab ram exploit help?

    hi all, i am wanting to setup the jaicrab ram exploit, the one were we can keep ram live afer a reset, i hope someone can help me, i have studied the lpt diagram, thats not a problem, and i see that i am glitching the geo hotz line (or xorlosers/jaicrabs) revised track.

    i plan on glitching the ram with the lpt and msdos program. my main concern is the picture on jaicrabs blog, it has 2 wires soldered to 2 transistor spots. but what isnt clear is where on the board they have been connected (with resistors)

    i guess this is the feed to keep ram alive? am i missing something, was searching for hours last night, but its all very vauge.

    thank you to anyone who can help me preform this exploit.

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    joffe Guest
    try to find PS3 Leaked Service Manuals.rar (http://www.multiupload.com/S453R6T49W) and try to estimate where those regulators located. I suspect the method is to keep +1.8V_VDD_MEM supply (and probably +1.2V_YC_RC_VDDIO) alive.

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    thanks buddy, sounds like a plan.

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