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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] PS3 ISO loader... Where is it?

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    Does anyone have any "inside" information as to the whereabouts of a linux ps3 iso loader? perhaps a work in progress... etc. maybe a date? I know there are some groups to claim to have exploited, but we all have yet to see.

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    no one knows when, and asking for information from devs wont make it come any quicker. yes, paradox claim they are playable, but when we get some proof is unknown.


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    Paradox wont release that info to the general public, if they do then sony will have it fixed before you know whats up.

    Sceners aren't stupid, they release a tool like that this early and their work could be in vain.

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    The best place to monitor for PS3 iSO Loader news/gossip is iRC EFNet #PS3News, mainly as this is where some of the ParaGods hang out (in disguise, of course) and occasionally you may see some additional 'info/gossip' on their loader leaked there.

    Here is what I can 100% confirm thus far: Paradox DO have a PS3 iSO Loader already. It works by running the PS3 iSOs from the HDD via an exploit/security vulnerability in Firmware v1.00-1.10. Newer versions may work as well, however, speaking with them these are the only versions they have confirmed to me thus far as exploitable/fully working with it.

    The good news is, similar to PSP we won't have to open our $600 PS3 consoles to be able to run PS3 back-up images... nor will we have to mess with expensive Blu-ray burners or BRD media.

    The bad news is, as soon as news (specific tech info) of the actual exploit is public $ony will patch it IMMEDIATELY and it will be useless until another is found. This is obvious of course, but stock PS3's here in the US are already coming shipped with 1.10 firmware versus 1.00 so I'm sure it won't be long until they get shipped with even higher from the factory.

    Finally, as to why else is Paradox waiting on releasing their loader? Well, unofficially speaking (since it's all just rumors anyway until something tangible is released) I've heard two reasons as follows:

    1) They are waiting for the EUR PS3 launch before they share their PS3 exploit(s) publically since THEY (Paradox) are primarily a EUR release group... meaning their members wish to get as low of "stock FW" version as possible upon launch, versus releasing the exploit(s) now and then being stuck with 3.xx firmware with even more hole patches/protection for their families and friends, etc which wouldn't likely run PS3 iSOs for some time yet.

    2) They are waiting on more GOOD games to come out for PS3 before sharing the exploit(s). This is because if they do it now, then $ony developers will simply update their $DK's/libs/etc and the new games will not work with their exploit(s) anyway... and the current limited number of PS3 games on the market (to them) simply aren't "worthy" of being exploited publically yet.

    Finally, if someone else (another release group, etc) were to publically release the PS3 exploit information or exploit itself then Paradox would likely share theirs at that time as well (similar to how they did the PS2 Machine ID changer when CORE released their BETA one). However, Paradox simply doesn't wish to be "first" in doing so until THEY are ready (again, after the EUR PS3 launch) unless similar info is already public by someone else.

    Hopefully this answers some questions... rest assured as any new info/pics/etc of the PS3 iSO Loader is available we'll pass it along here guys!

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    cheers ps3news! you always get the most up to date and breaking news. this is the best and most reliable console site by far!


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    Well, the reason why we haven't said that is... chances are by the time it's released the later versions will work too. And if PDX decides not to release theirs, then everyone would be upset that we told them not to upgrade to play the latest (legit) games HEHE. Personally speaking though, MY own PS3 isn't being upgraded beyond 1.10, however, CJPC's is already at 1.3x like most others so I really wouldn't worry too much at this point- especially when nothing is released yet nor any definitive listing of FINAL "working" Firmware versions.

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    wow, thanks for all of this info in this thread. i didn't know that the ps3 had exploits similar to the psp, meaning that they can be patched through a simple upgrade :[ i wonder if they will even begin, if they havent, working on a downgrader for everyone who has upgraded, or in the future, bought a ps3 with higher firmware. man, i need to keep up with this ps3 stuff, even though i dont have one :[ either way, thanks for all this info!

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    very good info. I dont have a ps3 yet. But plan to get one soon. Makes sense about Paradox not releasing any info on this.

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    PS3 Triangle Button

    Quote Originally Posted by breaKdownINC View Post
    But how is this possible? In what Languages has been written this exploit? And what Compiler did they used to make the PS3 understand the Code?
    Unfortunately they haven't said anything specific on either of those questions yet, however, when I hear something more I will share it here. The thing to keep in mind though is... there is a simple reason why they (and similar groups) are always ahead of the 'game' (pun intended) when it comes to hacking consoles, mod-chips, etc... and this reason is because many of their members work directly for $CE, Nintendo, etc and have the latest official $DK's, dev hardware, and docs at their disposal used (along with their talents/skills) to reverse-engineer the very same consoles they develop for a living on. This isn't a bad thing- especially for people who frequent Web sites like ours... it's just an explaination of why release groups [internally] are usually months (if not longer) ahead of everyone else who's attempting the same ideas from scratch without access to these useful resources or 'inside' info.

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    makes sense here, b/c such as stuff like this should keep it in tightly sealed so no one shall know about this stuff. Just as the PSP is and i guess future updates from $ony will keep the devs busy until one is crackable


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