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    i found this site is the most reliable- for a long time now- when it comes to new breakthroughs, b/c they wait until they have physical proof and won't promise anything they can't deliver. I check every day for some new news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El3M3nT View Post
    Great News! But isnt the euro version of the PS3 already out?
    Only if they import them somehow hehe... the official EUR release isn't until March 2007 or possibly even later if it is delayed, etc.

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    I've heard the same time that the Eur/PAL release of PS3 comes out, SCEx will also be releasing a new firmware that to patch quite a number of things. One that I'm looking forward too is the resuming of downloads with the sony browser, ie demo's, etc. But the significance being, you can dam well bet they'll be doing the same research most people here are with wanting to know how to mod, etc, and try to include as much as they can in this fix. Which makes the most sense to wait well until after the release of PS3 Eur/PAL before releasing magority of the info the community has learned thus far as so it can not be used against us in this expected fix.

    Is there any other information at present that is sharriable out of curiousity about the iSO loader? Such as just a basic outline of how it works... ie. Linux side or Game-OS side? etc. I am currious as to the technical details of how it works in principle, but without disclosing too much in this thread.

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    This was already answered here:

    In short, when more info is available we'll share it here. Until then, all anyone can do is idle in the channel and wait for more info to become available in coming weeks/months (likely not days).

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    Not sure on the PS3 movie dumps via HDD... if/when we hear something on it I will post the info here. That pretty much applies to any other unanswered questions... which I have a feeling won't be answered until THEY are ready (likely post-EUR PS3 launch, if at all).

    For now, the best thing we can do is continue to dump the PS3 iSOs and examine them... although it wouldn't be able to be tested until such a loader is publically released, it would be cool if someone actually began laying the groundwork for PS3 RipKits- especially when the images are SEVERAL GB each. In my opinion, this is far more 'worthwhile' to invest one's TIME in than RipKits for PSP games when a 4GB PSP MS is only like $60 these days.

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    It's kinda common sense to anyone who's followed the PSP Scene that if you intend to run homebrew/backups that you keep your firmware as low as possible.

    Firmware updates are very very intelligent on Sony's part. It worked fairly well with PSP's (although it's been compromised pretty well). It hasn't stopped people from playing backups, but it has made it harder then a one stop deal.

    With people on the inside however, it deff gives sceners and those who depend on them the upper hand.

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    ummm.....I don't want to have to jump off a bridge or something...(I am just kidding entirely)...BUT PLEASE TELL ME 1-1.10 includes the 1.11 update that I am using!

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    Damn ive got the USA PS3 @ 1.32 !!! But i hope it works also on 1.32

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    Quote Originally Posted by fukubei View Post
    in any case, most likely the euro ps3s will come with 1.32 minimum. Otherwise they will not be able to setup an account online on PSN. If you have 1.32 i would think that you are safe but DO NOT UPGRADE past that!
    I sincerely hope that so-called loader thing works on 1.32 cuz im currently at 1.32 firmware.

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    somone should create a hack for when you play online you can have it say that you have the latest firmware when you in fact actually don't so we don't have to keep upgrading everytime we want to play online...

    i think that would be very seems like every other week i have to keep upgrading just to play online...real annoying!!!

    should not be too hard...just find where PSN checks your firmware and just trick it...

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