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    Forum Moderator PS4 News's Avatar
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    I already gave away the hint... think a bit harder.

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    I'll take formula one championship edition alex for 200

  3. #103

    PS3 Triangle Button

    Alex: [BEEP] "Sorry, wrong answer."

  4. #104
    lol..... someone in the audience yelled out Sonic

  5. #105
    They don't get the $200 prize though. That concludes this edition of Jeopardy- we'll see ya again real soon now!

  6. #106
    Quote Originally Posted by vaanrus View Post
    Maybe sonic? I think paradox can release loader somewhere in the end of february, when PAL consoles already will be in production.

    We already know that official fm will be 1.5, so its almost nothing to fear
    Yes i agree with Vaanrus it will be sonic.

  7. #107
    hmm Sonic, will get for my little cuz

  8. #108
    Hmm were at 1.51 now. Whoo knowz what's going to happen now. I'm not updating tho past 1.32

  9. #109
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3News View Post
    Maybe they'll reveal more info in their next release NFO... I hear it's coming and is a SPEEDY one.
    But, will Paradox actually release the loader? As you mentioned in post #5:
    "Finally, if someone else (another release group, etc) were to publically release the PS3 exploit information or exploit itself then Paradox would likely share theirs at that time as well (similar to how they did the PS2 Machine ID changer when CORE released their BETA one). However, Paradox simply doesn't wish to be "first" in doing so until THEY are ready (again, after the EUR PS3 launch) unless similar info is already public by someone else."
    It sounds like Paradox may not be interested in being first to release this loader, and if they are interested - it sounds like they have to be ready to do so. Is this something they are interested in being first to release? If so, what do they need in order to be considered "ready" to release it? I am really looking forward to this release.

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    In their last NFO they said it was being tested, and in the next one they will likely drop another hint, and so on... all we can do is wait for now.


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