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    Alerion1 Guest

    PS3 isn't taking discs help?

    My fat PS3 model's Blu-Ray laser had recently burned out and I bought a new one to replace it. Well, I put in the new KEM-ACA110 and was so excited for it to work. I was gutted. Is there a fix for this? I checked what might be the problem and I checked the gears. Anything else I can do?

    Then this happens:

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    TreyDeuce Guest
    woah, i wouldn't know

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    elser1 Guest
    looking like the gears that drive the disc in have been left "open". i wrecked a drive like this too. its a delicate operation and you need to know exactly how to do it or this is what happens. check youtube and see if there a video for resetting it. good luck.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Open the top of the drive and take a video of it getting loaded. Once in a while the tray just needs to be reset. thanks

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