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Thread: Ps3 and the iPhone?

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    mrmiller24 Guest

    Ps3 and the iPhone?

    well everyone knows the iphone has brilliant connectivity apps, just earlier i downloaded one for free that let me play/pause/skip songs straight on my laptop without touching it because it sends controls over the wifi. I also downloaded a remote desktop application so i can use my mac from my phone on the other side of the house.

    whilst enjoying this i was wondering, using the built in bluetooth could someone really smart create an application that uses the bluetooth and sends controls to the PS3, not to play games but to use it as a remote for films and access?

    if the someone really smart is reading this i beg you to drop everything else you do and statisfy this.

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    liveforsnow2288 Guest
    its most likely possible, my brother has been exploring the apps for the iphone (through apple and homebrew) and has found things such as emulators for GBA, Nintendo, and N64. The only problem with this are compatibility issues. I've run emus on my modded psp and they run great whereas my brother's iphone has trouble running downgraded graphics and sound for the same games. I suggesting give the community a little time, the iphone client base is so large such a demand is likely to come up.

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    Thomas211 Guest
    I dont know... i got an ipod touch and i didnt know the iphone had bluetooth anyways yea its possible. and i got a game recomandation for ur iphone its called labyrinth its great and yea i love the VNC thing its great!

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