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Thread: PS3 Internal HDD upgrade help?

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    BigNoke Guest

    PS3 Internal HDD upgrade help?

    I have a PS3 Slim 3.41 with the 120GB HDD. I want to switch the HDD to a bigger internal because some games work internal only others work external. I have a 2TB external but want a 2TB internal. Will a 2TB work?

    What size HDD goes in the PS3? 2.5" 3.5" SATA?

    Any special instructions for installing the internal or just format with windows to FAT and plug into ps3?'
    Is it hard to install?

    Thanks and MUCH Appreciation.

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    JifDaKiwi Guest
    2.5" SATA. Also, check the witdh of the drive if you go for a really large capacity. Standard is 9.5mm, but some of the 1TB drives at 12.5mm and won't fit. I just bought myself a 750GB for this reason.

    And you don't need to do anything to prepare the drive, just pop it in, and the PS3 will do all the formatting for you.

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    BigNoke Guest
    Hmm nice but a 2TB will work provided its 9.5mm.

    only cause i use gamefly lol gotta rip mad games

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    JifDaKiwi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BigNoke View Post
    Hmm nice but a 2TB will work provided its 9.5mm.

    only cause i use gamefly lol gotta rip mad games
    As far as I know, 750GB is the largest 9.5mm, 2.5" drive available at the mo.

    Not sure about what capacity limitations there are with regards to what the firmware can handle, if there are any limitations :-)

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    maiquelrinco Guest
    Im at the same, could someone tell me one hard disk who fits and work in PS3 Slim. Im afraid about the RPM, some HDD is 5400 rpm and the best is 7200 rpm, PS3 use SATA 1, 2 or 3?

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    jasmartin Guest
    The maximum capacity 2.5" hard drive you can buy that fits a 9.5mm form factor is by Western Digital and it's 750 GB. You can buy bigger capacities but they are 12.5mm thick and will not fit in the PS3's hard drive caddy.

    After research I upgraded mine to a Samsung SpinPoint M7E HM641JI 640GB 2.5" Hard Drive SATA 5400rpm 8MB Cache. It's perfectly spec'd for the PS3 and does not cause any FMV judder, extra noise or overheating. Been using it for 4 months with no problem.

    Then to backup, plug in a large capacity USB hard drive or pen drive and use the System menu on the PS3 to do a full backup. Then fit your new internal, allow it to format/setup then go to System again and do a restore. All my game data, settings, saves came across perfectly.

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