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Thread: PS3 Internal HDD with two partitions?

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    MorporgX Guest

    PS3 Internal HDD with two partitions?

    I have a 1TB Samsung HDD 3,5" with 2 partitions on it 500GB/500GB. The first one is on NTFS and full of important data and the second is empty and ready for my PS3. I want to make an internal HDD from it but without losse of NTFS partition.

    Everything is connected (3,5" needs a external power source, PS3 can't manage it because it's used to deal with 2,5" only) PS3 recognise my HDD and ask for format. I'm pretty sure that it will clear all of data without asking what partition do I prefere (I know PS3 don't see NTFS - it's not important).

    I want to have a possibility to connect my drive betwen PC(NTFS) and PS3(JFS). Any ideas ?

    Mój angielski ssie ... Bless

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    Sterist Guest
    i'm pretty sure it's talking about formatting the drive, and not just the partition... so your suspicions/worries are correct.

    i would recommend buying an external hard drive (i got a 1tb for $100) and save everything off the hard drive... if there's no OS installed on that first partition you can just copy over the entire root of the drive.

    that aside, i think the ps3 has some kind of security in place (on the flash installation) to refuse to boot if there are any partitions other than GameOS and linux. i have nothing to back this up but knowing sony.... i wouldn't doubt it.

    after doing a backup of the entire NTFS partition, format the whole thing with the ps3, then when done with the ps3 installation stuff, try shrinking the partition to your preferred size.

    you can use PartedMagic to shrink JFS partitions. download here:

    burn it to a disc, reboot your PC and press F2 at power-on (or F1 if old PC) and change the boot priorities to CD/DVD as #1, Internal HDD as #2. put the disc back in, save&exit and reboot.

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    tragedy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MorporgX View Post
    The first one is on NTFS and full of important data and the second is empty and ready for my PS3.

    The PS3 will format the entire disk if you allow it. You will lose all your data. Just buy another disk. If you're doing that, you might as well get a laptop 2.5" one so you don't need cables snaking out of the PS3.

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    Sterist Guest
    i can't find an edit option... sorry about double post

    anyhow, there is actually a .exe of the program so you can skip the whole ISO / reboot process.

    i only needed this program to resize my active partition so those steps were a requirement for me

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    CJPC Guest
    Sadly for now, your out of luck, the partitions can not YET co-exist, I suggest you find another HDD for either your PC, or PS3.

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