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Thread: PS3 internal hard drive swap help?

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    money15 Guest

    PS3 internal hard drive swap help?

    i am trying to swap a hard drive out of my cechk for a 750gb whitelabel (ebay) and when i start it i get ps3 cant start, correct hard drive not found... does anybody know what to do? on 3.55 fw

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    severusx Guest
    On the fat PS3 it should just boot up and format the HD with no issues. Have you tested the HD in a PC? You may need to delete any partitions that are on it if it was used.

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    enotsleachim Guest
    did you go back to OFW first? i just upgraded the other day, i was told to go back to OFW first in recovery then put in new hdd.format it in recovery.then put CFW back on new one.

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    money15 Guest
    yeah i can do a lot of things but some simple things kill me sorry guys... formatted well works great so far!! thanks for the answers... and no i didn't go to ofw did it straight from kmeaw.

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