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Thread: PS3 homebrew working with faulty/unoriginal Bluray drives?

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    sykoNsc Guest

    Exclamation PS3 homebrew working with faulty/unoriginal Bluray drives?

    So just wondering if anyone has made any efforts or progress in getting homebrew running on ps3's with faulty or unoriginal bluray controller boards. I mean if we have master keys and ability to enter factory service mode then shouldn't it be fairly easy to jump the gap to flashing or pairing the boards? or even doing away with the calls to bluray all together?

    it just really sucks that jb has been out for several months now and here i sit with a busted controller board so i'm not able to help test or dev any homebrew. if anyone thinks they have something and need a console to test it on just pm me with the files and i will be more than happy to load them up (will need compiled for ti-84+ or ti-83 calculators).

    thanks to anyone who may be able to help..

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    ModderFokker Guest
    I've got a faulty bluray drive and can play some games (without disc) and all the homebrew up till now ?

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    sykoNsc Guest
    yea, drives with laser issues supposedly work. however i have controller board issues which causes the system to lockup when trying to load any homebrew.

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    Superfly274 Guest
    yes homebrew does work on consoles that have bad bluray drives.

    to make possible you must remove bluray drive from the ps3, then open the drive and remove all the ribbon cables that connect to the controller board once removed plug bluray drive back up and you should be able to play homebrew make sure its bd emulation for backed up games.

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    sykoNsc Guest
    i know the trick with just hooking up the board without the drive for faulty drives but like i said i have controller board issue not really drive issue

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    Superfly274 Guest
    but what i had said is only plug in the drive and NOT the controller board. my controller board does not work so i can confirm this works.

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    sykoNsc Guest
    i think i tried that but i'll try it again when i can get a few minutes at home. thanks for the info though! really hopes this will do something but i'm skeptical too say the least.. will post back when i a chance to try this

    and then i remembered, how are you gonna hook up the ps3 straight to the bd when the ribbon cable that does that job goes to controller board not the drive?? sorry unless i'm forgot something and i may have at the moment but i don't see how you're hooking the bd straight to the ps3, can you help me out here?

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    southpawryder Guest
    now would that work on both phat consoles an slim consoles cause i have a broken blu ray drive on my slim..

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