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    Question ps3 home

    when is home coming out?

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    Hi mate home has no official date of release at the moment. But u can hope to get it around the end of year.It won't be the full home game but rather still b in beta stages.

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    the release date is set for this fall. but in japan they are recruting 10,000 beta testers.

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    Lightbulb Home

    I heard home is comin out this 15 of august

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    Well you can "sign up" for the beta by downloading the Playstation Home theme, on the Playstation store, what it does is send information to sign you up, though I've heard they check on how much you actually use the network, not sure if it's true or not, but I've downloaded the theme, but don't use the PSN very often so I highly doubt that I will be accepted.

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    I also heard something about home being released this month as well. Hope sony lives up to it!!

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    Yes, it's really annoying!

    How long have they been talking about home already?

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    how fast my net connection should be to use home smoothly?

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