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Thread: PS3 help with downgrade?

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    Jamesmodz Guest
    Yep it's seated properly

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    mushy409 Guest
    Did you remove NOR_Tristate after flashing? This will stop the console from booting otherwise

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    Jamesmodz Guest
    Yes and no that doesn't really matter if tristate is still attached

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    amshr Guest
    hi guys, I have a ps3 slim CECH2503A with an original firmware 4.46 I decide to hack this machine

    I need help to hack...

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    mushy409 Guest
    NOR_Tristate will cause the black screen if left connected. You need to remove it after flashing for the console to boot properly. Otherwise it halts the system completely.

    If you have NOR_Tristate connected and you're still getting YLOD you're looking at getting the CPU and/or RSX reflowed.

    Do you have:

    1) Soldering experience?
    2) A hardware flasher such as E3 or Progskeet?

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    Jamesmodz Guest
    Yes and yes no needing to reflow mate not worth it its a slim n if slims have problems with GPU and CPU through it in the bin unles reballed.

    So what can I do?

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    K1DKHAO5 Guest
    So I cant seem to get the OFW version 4.46 off the playstation 3 and put Rogero 4.46 on. I'm constantly getting an data corrupted message 8002F957.

    I don't think the data is corrupted and I was doing a little homework on how to get this jailbroken without a E3 Flasher. I jailbroke my Fat playstation and now I wanna do it with my slim. Help?!?!

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    mushy409 Guest
    Ok to just recap on this...

    Console has YLOD (bricked apparently) regardless of whether NOR Tristate is grounded? This indicates a hardware fault (not related to the flash)

    Program the original backup flash (that was working) then read it back onto the SD card - compare the 2 files with hexeditor - any differences mean the backup isn't being written properly which takes us back to the clip seating.

    I personally repair consoles and have done for some time - a reflow will fix a lot of consoles if:

    a) its done properly with the right equipment (not a hot air gun or in the oven...)
    b) if the console hasn't been mauled by a previous "modder" or owner

    Yes reballing the console is a sure way to repair it but no need to throw YLOD's in the bin. People still buy them don't you know?

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