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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] PS3 and HDTV problem

    i have ps3 1.60fw and a goodmans ld3250hd tv running 720p ps3 is connected with a component cable (5 wires) from (game) prob is when i switch my ps3 on and watching normal tv its ok... but when i choose the hd option sometimes the pic stays blue. i can hear sound but no pic.

    the only way to get pic... is to pull the connector from the back of the ps3 and put it back in then the pic shows. i do not have to do this all the time, only happens switching from normal tv to hd input.

    baffling :?? anybody experienced this

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    Do you have any other HD devices that hook up to your TV via component? Perhaps your TV is partially broken?

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    that sucks. probably related to you owning a "goodmans" brand LCD. is that like 'panaphonics' or 'sorny'?

    so you're saying that if you have your ps3 on, and change to the tv input, the screen is blue until you unplug your ps3? it sounds like your tv doesn't change inputs in hd mode until it loses the previous connection. with that setup, i would say that there isn't much you can do, since it's a limitation of your tv.

    maybe the best solution would be to get an external tuner, plug everything in through your receiver, and have your receiver output to your tv. that way your receiver does the video switching.

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