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    gavishko Guest

    PS3 HDMI issue help?

    My hotel has a really small screen, but Samsung HD plugged and it showed very poor quality screen.

    Which he says: HDMI connection detected. Do you want to connect YES / NO? I clicked on YES

    And it's not recognized! And nothing happened after that.. (I have no other connection only HDMI)

    Please help what to do?

    Thank you

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    furientez Guest
    try to open the console with a long press on the power button, until it beeps twice (if I remember correct)... that should reset your display resolution into the lowest setting

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    dyceast Guest
    It can also happen if the TV cant do 1080p...

    Select 720p with HDMI and see if it works

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    Foo Guest
    When it says HDMI connection detected. Yes / No. Select No then go into Settings>Display Settings>Video Output Settings> then select HDMI and Automatic.

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