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    msam17 Guest

    PS3 HDD upgrade size help?


    I am on 3.55CFW PS3 slim 160GB, I would like to upgrade my HDD to a higher capacity, what would be the ideal size for a smooth working of PS3 and what is the procedure to do it.


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    Azrial Guest
    Anything up to 1TB is fine, the bigger the better, a standard 2.5" laptop drive will fit, the instructions to do it should be in your PS3 manual, Sony don't mind you swapping the drive over.

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    I add my voice to Azrial, but why are you still on 3.55 CFW? I think now would be an opportunity to upgrade to 4.xx CFW, preferably Rebug 4.30.2.

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    Try finding any 5400rpm 2.5'' hdd (not bigger than 1TB) instead of 7200rpm 2.5'' hdd to avoid overheat issues.first you should download the CFW you have already installed on your ps3 because when you swap the hdd it will ask you to insert a usb which has fw 3.55 or higher in it+i recommend you to copy all your save data from dev_hdd0/home/000000x/savedata to a fat32 external hdd or usb pen drive using multiman or any other file manager,before doing anything.you will have all your save data secured.

    Good luck

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    torres2005 Guest

    Red Face

    not really use this software (easeus.com/disk-copy/) is via msdos by a pendrive

    part 1
    1) 01 Pendrive empty (just 1Gb)
    2) Cases of 02 HD SATA (USB HD will receive a case of old PS3, the other new HD)
    3) 01 free program called EASE U.S. DISK COPY:

    part 2
    1) Download the program mentioned above, EASEUS (45MB) and run no need to install;
    2) Plug in the USB pendrive empty;
    3) Turn the EASUS and let it format the pendrive, it will become a boot disk. Leave the stick stuck there.
    4) After you format the USB stick just right, TURN OFF THE PC = this step is important to prevent the operating system attempts to read or write to the PS3's hard drive and thus you lose all your data encrypted by the PS3;
    5) TAKE TURN THE PS3. Only then remove the old HD PS3 careful not to strip any screws;
    6) Prepare the first case SATA: put the old HD from the PS3 and plug in a USB in the pc;
    7) Prepare the second case SATA: put the new HD that will for the PS3 and plug in another USB in the pc;
    8) Turn on your PC on and choose to boot the USB disk with EASEUS;
    9) When thepc starts EASEUS within the program, choose DISK COPY. This is the option that copies the old to the new HD, 1:1, byte by byte;
    10) Choose SOURCE as the old PS3's HD, which will be depending on your PS3 40gb or 80, 120, 160, 320 ... Mine was 80GB;
    11) Choose the HD DESTINY as the new PS3, which will be the size of the new HD that you chose. Mine was 250GB;
    12) Pay attention to both disks appear as "unmounted" due to the file system and encrypted crazy PS3, but can proceed without fear;
    13) Depending on the size of your hard drives copying may take between 1am and 6am. Here, 80GB -> 250GB took 1:30 h, so my notebook is lentinho pq;
    14) When finished cloning the new HD will be automatically resized to its maximum size, ie the PS3 with HD had seen the new size as if he had never left in the game;
    15) Turn it OFF the pc when it's over and remove the cases of the USB ports.
    16) Remove the new HD's case, reassemble it on the PS3, keep calm w / not doing things and running into problems, poor little pravc test if it worked!
    17) After all certinho mounted on the PS3, then turn it on and boot making.
    18) surprise, everything keeps working the way it was, except that increased disk space!

    Sorry my english im from brazil hope i help for me works great

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    elser1 Guest
    nice torres! haven't seen that before.

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    spcfury Guest
    This is news to me as well. I was aware that low level copies can be made of unknown filesystems, but not that they could be resized. I may give this a try on my 500gig slim drive that is 90% full. thanks for the information.

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    News to me as well!

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    dz2k Guest
    that is revolutionary torres2005. I've been wanting to do this for a couple years. thank you soo much.

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    torres2005 Guest
    I glad i help guys thanx

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