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    did you verify the entire 250gb in your ps3 menu? It will say something lower ex. 232gb but please confirm. The reason I ask is because usually one will clone an encrypted 80gb hdd to a 250gb hdd but still only have use of the original 80gb of the 250gb.

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    In fact the gigabytes never corresponding ex: 500gb says 465gb its a technical term a 1tb says 935gb see

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    I agree because it goes it's calcaluted in binary numbers. I just tested this method on another encrypted Linux volume and don't think it expanded the volume. although there is a larger volume in there, it seems to be only using the original amount Ex. 80GB. In the ps3 menu, if you go to settings, system settings, system information..what is listed for Free Space in GB?

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    Hi all,

    I have bought 1TB 5400rpm Toshiba HDD and replace using traditional method. Torres thanks for your suggestion but I didn't have enough resources to try your method. Anyway finally I have moved from 3.55 to 4.3. Decided to go for Rogero 4.3 V 2.5 since I don't go online and to keep everything simple. Steps done.

    1. Backup existing HDD in a external usb.
    2. Replaced the new HDD.
    3. PS3 asked for firmware, flashed OFW3.55
    4. Restore my backup to the new HDD.
    5. Run Rogero 4.3 v 2.5 from xmb (tried recovery menu but didn't succeed. Also I dint do any QA flag)
    6. Deleted existing Multiman and other homebrews from my back up.
    7. Re-installed mutiman V18 full then v30 base and v30 update
    8. Everything worked fine.

    I was having double mind going for 1TB as some people said the system will be slow, but I took the words from Aziral and went for the maximum, I dont regret now, dont feel any major change to the speed of ps3. Thanks all I am playing Ninja gaiden 3 Razors edge... with my new cfw. Some of my old PSN are not working but not bothered...


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    Great man i havent try 1tb for cash reason rsrsrs... but this way work great too, that tutorial is a new option so far so good but boths ways work fine thanks

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    i have a 2 TB hard drive in my 3.55 cfw kmeaw

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    Gotta be careful with anything over 1TB, they have a tendency to fail a hell of a lot, and overheat more.

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