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Thread: PS3 HDD Problem and CFW 4.30 help?

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    alanocs Guest

    PS3 HDD Problem and CFW 4.30 help?

    Dear all,

    I lost my original HD, it was running with Rogero CFW 4.30. This is the Error: ("system can not start, can not find hard disk")

    For testing, I plugged this HD into a computer, not recognized as a disk drive or appear in Disk Manager. Everything indicates that the HD passed away.

    I have:
    • New HD (Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500GB 5400 RPM)
    • OFW 3.55.pup
    • CFW 3.55.pup
    • CFW 4.30.pup
    • Downgrade 4.21 to 3.55.pup

    I've read that to replace the HD. My PS3 should be running a OFW. but, as I had no way to foresee that HD would stop working, I did not do downgrade before.

    I do not know how to reinstall Rogero 4.30. Could you help me?

    thank you

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    niwakun Guest
    REBUG had HDD backup utility, just think what HDD cloning software, it works like that, it copies 1:1 from your current HDD to your new HDD.

    Anyway, if you want to upgrade HDD on Rogero, just go downgrade to 3.55 and change your HDD there, then go back to Rogero 4.30.

    In REX 4.21, just swap the drive and re-install the REX 4.21, you will notice that in recovery that it require 3.55 for firmware even though you're on 4.21 CFW.

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    alanocs Guest
    Rebug works fine, thanks.

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    k9inpoop Guest
    My question is how did you make it so your computer can see your hdd because I tried to plug it in like an external hdd and it still won't show up at all even though it works in my ps3

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    sorg Guest
    What you expect to see in your computer? You won't see new letter of HDD in "My Computer".

    Only in Device Manager and Disk Manager you will see new HDD. And you can access it only in some specific system utilities like WinHex.
    Anyway, you won't see any files/folders of PS3 HDD on computer (unless it some very specific utility to browse exactly PS3 HDD. So far no such tool exists yet).

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    Liongooder Guest
    You only backup using ps3 system settings/backup on external hdd & make sure you turn off the power save settings so your ps3 won't shut down while backing up your old hdd content.

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