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    Sejuice Guest

    PS3 HDD in PC to transfer games?

    Hi, I tried transferring NFS:HP from PS3 HDD to USB and it was going to take 300+ mins to finish (using latest MManager).

    Can I just pull the HDD out, plug in to PC, and transfer files quicker?

    (I'm upgrading HDD to a bigger size.)

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    Denida Guest
    Only other way would be to make a backup with the backup utility, as no way to make the PC access those files unless you were using FTP server from the PS3 directly, sorry.

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    Sejuice Guest
    Thanks for the answer. I didn't realize the official B.U. would do the job. Makes it a bit easier using that.

    Looks like my PS3 will be staying up late (8 & 1/2hrs to go)

    Q. Answered!

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