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    kylum Guest

    Is this a PS3 hdd issue?

    My first ps3 crapped out ylod and a reflow didn't help. So i got one from a friend and he said it crapped out while updating it said corrupt data during install. now it just boots to a screen and it says it has to reformat the hdd and to insert a usb with firmware on it and press start and select.

    i can't find firmware, well i can and that's what sparked this thread. plus the search feature didn't find anything on this but i'm sure it's been answered even though i don't really have a question just yet. Just really askin for help.

    so once i get the firmware will this fix it or not. what do i do? i do have another hdd handy, gonna try both.

    thanks in advance

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    soldier Guest
    Just get a usb stick and make folders in this order: PS3 and UPDATE. Put the firmware you want inside the update folder (3.41 is best for jb) and you should definately be good to go afterwards!

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    Krisdog Guest
    Make sure you follow these steps;

    1. flash drive/usb storage media, formatted to fat32
    2. Make Folder and name it "PS3" in all capital letters, in usb stick.
    3. Make a folder inside that folder, named "UPDATE" in all capital letters.
    4. download and extract 3.41 update file, and ONLY place the PS3UPDATE.PUP file inside "UPDATE" folder.
    5. Install usb into ps3, start it up, have controller an cable hooked up to ps3.
    6. Press and hold both select and play buttons at the same time, it will ask for update , click X and update will install. And you have your ps3 back.

    And if you feel i deserve it please +rep me, upper right hand corner or this post.

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    kylum Guest
    Couldn't use 3.1. Had to use 3.5. I slapped a hdd I had laying around in it after trying with the original. Hooray, it worked. Just a bad hdd. Sucks I had to use 3.5. I bet 3.5 was already on it. Oh well. I got a free ps3.

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