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    GotNoUsername Guest

    PS3 HDD File System Corrupted help?

    My PS3 has an 2,5'' 1 TB installed by a freind, was a mistake I know now because my HDD is like glued to my PS3 no way to remove it... I tried recover my PS hdd system by Service Menue (reason I had a lot of corupted files lately)

    So well my PS3 told my error can't recover , formating drive... can't format error... So well after that booted but no more Multiman booting games so I reinstalles OFW and tried again to restore Filesystem well same results. Now games and MUltiman are back to normal. But if I still get corrupted data by the PS and still can't recover my HDD system...

    I read solution is to remove HDD and format by PC but well impossible..

    Is there a way by Asbestos for it runing on its own partition or perhaps the Lan install method ? will I be able to delete something so the PS3 thinks HDD empty like new one and format ?!? Or any other way to let the PS3 think HDD is new ?

    I know I'm an idiot to install an non suported HDD... I 'm wiser now.

    PS I also tried all other option in the recover mode wich should help no effect too... Would service mode or downgrading help ?

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    I never knew you could literally 'glue' your HDD to you PS3. You say, you can't remove it... but aren't 2.5" drives officially supported? I seriously don't get you question at all. And you talk about corrupted files. What are corrupted?

    The demos, PSN downloads,etc.? Or Pictures, Music and Videos?

    Have you tried using FTP and deleting the game demos and Picture, Music, Video files from there?

    I guess that would be easier.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    no the drive is too big, you'll have to remove it. Your friend should have noticed the drive was too big for the bay and stopped trying to force it in.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Well it only can't restore the HDD file system , always errors and formates and ofater that no more working games. In addition to that the PS3 sometimes frezzes wile acessing th HDD

    I know that now , well and the HDD did move a bit even with all my force so well no way of removing it.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    ^ Dude try going to a computer shop, they could help you out. The drive's having issues that's true.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    its physically too big for the drive bay, 1TB drives are 12mm tall the ps3 is made for 9.5mm drives. You'll have to bend the cage back into shape after getting it out but it has to come out.

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    zlRadio Guest
    Do you happen to get error 8002f225?

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    No error codes my PS only can't restore my Fil System and it is freezing now and then...

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