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Thread: PS3 HD upgrade error help?

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    kanny21 Guest

    PS3 HD upgrade error help?

    i did the update 3.56 and now i getting error the data is corrupt, even when try to update from another version. people saying is 3.56 has to update to 3.56 v2

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    technodon Guest
    it can be fixed with e3 flasher or a progskeet, if not other updates work

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    niwakun Guest
    yeah, only hardware flashers or sony itself can fix it. You've been victim with their HDD upgrade bug.

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    G Sus Guest
    you can probably get ps3 working again by just using a higher update, but then you got an ordinary ps3.. an ordinary ps3 is better than nothing though.

    try putting your original hd back in and see if ps3 works first though, since no update has gone in yet as the data was corrupt, putting old hardrive back in should just boot ps3 back to how it was before the hd upgrade.

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