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    Feb 2011

    PS3 HD space not reporting correctly help?


    My PS3 is reporting that I only have 10 gig free on a 230gig drive. I use it mainly for movies (about 100gb) and a few games copied on via multi man - when I realised I was eating all the space I moved the games to external but the free space is showing 10 gig - I just deleted 15 gig of films - no difference. I copied over 4gig of new films and now it reports 6 gig free.

    The old stuff is clearly not getting freed back up - I did a database rebuild as suggested here but it made no different - anyone got any other suggestions?



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    Jan 2010
    On which Firmware is your PS3 ?

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    Feb 2011
    It is a 3.55 CFW - built using the MFW builder.

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    Oct 2009
    Did you confirm that the games (their folders) on the internal HDD were actually deleted by browsing to the GAMES folder using MultiMan's browser?

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