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Thread: PS3 having issues help?

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    rcdevil Guest

    PS3 having issues help?

    Here is the situation:

    I have a ps3 fat that was upgraded to Rogero 4.30 and everything was working fine. My son recently preformed an update to Fifa 13 causing it to also do a system update. The problem i have is that when i turn on the playstation it shows the "Rogero ps3" intro. When i check firmware it shows up as 4.31. Multiman no longer works (comes up with load error) and also i have lost my "install pakage" icon.

    I have tried to install a number of different firmwares, either through XMB or recovery mode, but continually get "Corrupted data" message.

    1. I had done the QA toggle and confirmed working, (before update happended) but now it is not there.
    2. I am unable to find a link to download the '999 downgrader'
    3. Even with the disc out when i try install firmware it gives me data corrupt message.

    What i would like to know is, has the ps3 been updated past Rogero? if so can this be fixed and how? and is there a way to get my "install packages" back?

    Thank you for reading and hopefully replying.


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    If you mean the Rebug 999 Downgrader for question #2 above, see here:

    Specifically, try these links:

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    rcdevil Guest
    Thank you very much for the link.

    Would you happen to know anything about the other issues i am having, or do you beleive that running the downgrader-->QA Toggle--> then install either rogero 4.30 or rebug 4.30will fix the problem.

    Thanks again

    update: I have tried to install rebug 999 downgrader and i still get corrupt data. My thoughts are this: is it possible because the system did an update while trying to do a game update for fifa 13, that the system still believes that the game is "loaded" (same as if the disc was in the drive) and therefore when i try to update it gives me a corrupt data message. If this is possible then how can i "eject the game" or make it realiase that there is no game loaded.

    thanks for your help


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    akimazaki Guest
    You now on 4.31ofw.. not in 4.30cfw like before.. solution is need flasher to downgrade back and install again cfw

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    rcdevil Guest
    Thank you to all who have posted and tried to help me out. I have decided to re-install ofw 4.31 and look at flasher to downgrade.


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