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Thread: PS3 hardware supremacy?

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    taumax Guest

    PS3 hardware supremacy?

    I've always thought and heard that the PS3 was the superior console in terms of performance until I read this:

    Given that game reviews usually say that the graphics are equal or slightly better on the XBOX360, lack of clear HW superiority, and the fact that the XBOX360 sells for less than the PS3, what is the justification for the PS3's price premium?

    I know there's an integrated BLU-RAY player, but let's face it, BLU-RAY isn't taking off as an HD medium.

    I think SONY needs to make the PS3 on price parity with the XBOX360 given that it doesn't clearly dominate the XBOX360.

    I personally own a PS3... did I buy the wrong console?

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    mukumuku Guest
    I tried your link, the first chart was too ridiculous to continue to the bottom of the page... I mean what's the metric point of the values on the left?? And what is general purpose computing?

    The same general purpose computations can be optimized to run on the cell's architecture and have the same or better results. My personal opinion is that everything is a matter of optimization which most of the third-party studios "forget" to do with their games. RSX might be slightly inferior to the xbox360's gpu but by properly using the CPU devs can achieve better results in their games.

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    ciopaka Guest
    Yeah, that artictle shows true power of x360. PS3 have only 3 more CPU 's, and other things are much worse then in xbox 360. X360 have better graphic card, 512 ram (ps3 - only 256 ). 360 have Only one disadvantages - can't play blu- ray discs.

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    the ps3 offers much more as standard which is included with the price tag you get wifi built in, with the xbox you need to spend another 50 (approx $100)

    you get rechargable controllers, with the xbox you need to buy a battery add of for another 12ish (approx $24) Online Gaming 30 (approx $60) and all these add ons you have to buy as a microsoft product, they havent allowed third party companies to make their own, cheaper versions of these..

    and once you take the 250 xbox, add 50 for the wifi, add 12 for one controller, and then another for the second you end up spending just as much for the xbox as you are for the ps3, possibly more.

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    parkerparker Guest
    yeah the ps3's power will show the way, not only in processing power, but bluray etc..
    its "idea" of being fully multimedia is becoming true... and with updates will evolve into something fantastic... get ready! 2.40 even will be red hot!! in game xmb and custom soundtracks... this is where the ps3 stomps the 360.

    even the build quality of the ps3 is better, ever held a 360 its like a cheap chinese toy.

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    kittipo Guest
    Although "X360 have better graphic card, 512 ram (ps3 - only 256 )" but ram ps3 fast then x360 and I think in future that may be can mod ram ps3 up to 512.

    x360 change model fast than ps3 (1 model/year) (show ps3 system better than x360)

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    the disappointing thing about the ps3 is that the 2.40 firmware should have been there from the start, we should have been able to access friends in game etc.

    im just happy we have it now, i think the ps3 is being becoming the centre of your media centre with the new play tv thats coming etc.

    at long last things seem to be falling into place for the ps3!

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    PS3Brewery75 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by taumax View Post
    I've always thought and heard that the PS3 was the superior console in terms of performance until I read this
    The first thing I look for when I see something like that is scientific facts and the math used to calculate which GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is faster. Yeah I can draw a couple of graph bars too and compare the Wii's GPU to the PS3's GPU and then say the GPU in the Wii is better according to the drawn graphs I made by hand and we all know how bad the Wii's graphics are. Wii Tennis graphics vs Metal Gear Solid 4 graphics.

    Now we all know for fact the PS3's GPU is faster as far as clocking goes but that doesn't mean I can't draw a fake graph with no science used and say the Wii's GPU is far better.


    Where is the science used in those bar graphs? I don't see any actual mathematical calculations there and if there are any, please show me because I would love to see that.

    I have a hunch somebody will call me a Playstation 3 fanboy and what I will say to that is, " No I just like science and scientific facts for everything I see where mathematical calculations can possibly apply."

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