I have recently bought a PS3 on Ebay. It was an as-is item, as the disk drive did not accept disks properly. When I got the PS3 I tested it. The main XMB came up and worked fine. I then disassembled the PS3 and removed the drive. I put the PS3 back together and started downloading demos off of the Playstation store. When I gave up on the drive, I went to play one of the demos. The demo started and the PS3 logo came up on the screen. Then there was just a black screen. I can see the hard drive loading and wi-fi being accessed by the games/folding at home, but there is no screen output. I then restarted the system and updated it.(1.90 to 2.10)

The installer started, but when it went to exactly 61% it gave an error. I rebooted and the installer started again and froze at 61% again. I believe the Samsung nand memory chips are corrupted. I looked at the PS3's motherboard and noticed two DIFFERENT Samsung chips.(I am not sure if they should be different models). One says Samsung 643, K9F1G08UOA, PIBO. The other says Samsung 652 K9F1G08UOA, PIBO.

Could this be an error at Sony or is this normal?

Here are some pictures of the motherboard and nand chips.

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