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Thread: PS3 Hardware and n00b help?

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    csulaguy Guest

    PS3 Hardware and n00b help?

    Hello all,

    Is it possible to use larger hard drives, such as 750GB drives, or to use an SSD in my PS3?

    As to upgrading firmware, I'm primarily looking for OtherOS++ support to run Debian. I understand now that OtherOS++ utilizes full processor support - is this correct?

    USB drives - do they have to be FAT32, or can we use NTFS, ext3/4, or exFAT?

    Lastly, I keep seeing references to flashers - is this only if I brick my system, or required in general?

    I forgot to mention, my unit is a CECHG01.

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    misiozol Guest
    You are in luck as it's still console with NAND and whole system is in memory flash and does not use HDD for system , install rebug 4.46rex and install OtherOS++.

    As far about flashers it's good to have if you trying to do more than update system (installing OtherOS++ it's like open brain surgery for console)

    About HDD replacing not all of them are supported , some work some don't in case you will get not supported make sure you can returned/exchange for other model.

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    csulaguy Guest
    On doing further research, the system has 4.46 installed on it. From what I've been reading, it would have to be flashed. Is this correct? Or could I install CFW on top of 4.46?

    So since I have the the 256MB nand model, is this easier than the models that only have 16MB of vflash?

    Also, what file systems are supported on USB sticks?

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    misiozol Guest
    Yes , you need hardware flasher and downgrade.

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    csulaguy Guest
    I'm guessing hardware flashers are expensive? Is there a list of different hardware flashers on this forum that I could rent or purchase?

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    Each has it's own ongoing thread where they are discussed if you search for Progskeet, E3, Teensy, etc or check the PS3 Marketplace and have someone do it for you if you wish.

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