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Thread: PS3 hardware hacking with Arduino Mega 2560 help?

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    d3m0n1q733rz Guest

    Red Face PS3 hardware hacking with Arduino Mega 2560 help?

    Hey! I currently have a NAND system on firmware 4.40 and I was wondering if the Arduino Mega 2560 is capable of downgrading it via hardware flash. I don't really have much use for a teensy other than flashing, so it would be sort of a waste to have one sitting around doing nothing.

    On top of that, is hardware flashing still possible if I update to 4.41?


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    Azrial Guest
    What's the consoles original firmware? Anything higher that 3.55 is not possible to jailbreak, no idea about flashing beyond 4.41, as it's new and we don't know much about it.

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    d3m0n1q733rz Guest

    Not a matter of original firmware...

    The original firmware was 1.00 I think. But I'm not asking about that, I'm asking if it's possible to hardware flash it with an Arduino Mega at this time. And 4.41 is similar to 4.40 firmware. So, if it's possible with one, it should be with the other. Though, I don't know if it's possible with either as of yet.

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    Nothing major has changed in 4.41, so I think it is still downgradable.

    I don't think you can downgrade with anything except an E3 (NOR), Progskeet (NAND) or Teensy++ (NOR).

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