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Thread: PS3 Hardware flashers help?

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    Prince Valiant Guest

    PS3 Hardware flashers help?

    I've been interested in one for a while now but, I wasn't sure on which I should be buying. I have a 20GB 1st gen (CECHB01). Thanks in advance to anyone that helps.

    After some reading, I found I need Progskeet. Next question being, can I use the clip adapter or will it need to be soldered?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You can use the 360 clip which doesn't require any soldering to be done in the PS3.

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    Prince Valiant Guest
    Thanks. Is this it, and I assume I'll need the programmer?

    Sorry about all the questions, I don't want to get the wrong stuff.

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    racer0018 Guest
    What you need is the progskeet. The progskeet injectous to program the progskeet to accept the NAND clip. The adaptor Pcb Kit to hook the NAND clip up to the progskeet. And last the 48 pin NAND tosp clip.


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